Sponsors and Partnership

Our Unique Offerings

With consolidated experience in events (virtual/onsite) , advertising, organizations and startup local area assembling, our community is unique to any other. We understand the stuff to establish a partnership while making meaningful outcomes and quick impact.

  • We have multiple platforms available to share your message, present a story/article, promote an event/offering, or be featured in. Combined, our social channels (Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) reach thousands of people.
  • Hosting Hackathons
  • Ideas that we can plan together: Virtual Event Series & Workshops
  • Connect with top companies looking to hire entrepreneurial students
  • Access to Virtual Events
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How do Partners help?

  • Our Community has been upheld by a bunch of truly generous local partners that has enabled it to stay open and available to everybody inside the nearby developer community.
  • Our community acknowledge both financial and in-kind association
  • These partners assist our community to arrange a Venue, give free Swags,food and other event expenses like printing costs and other
  • It is through our local partners assistance that our community has united tech enthusiasts from different Universities , Institutes and Industry.

Why You Should Sponsor?

Brand Awareness

Creating awareness not only serves your mission but it helps you to facilitate the interested one towards your goal which is all about making the tech inclusive community for all.



We consider collaboration for making both way marketing, sharing and be there to be helpful resource when needed. Collaboration for a cause brings more better results.


Event Support

Digital media brand, community space or something which is promoting tech we would love to have you onboard with us & happy to create digital disruption together.


Social Media Outreach

We spread all over the main social media channels , you are going to partner with inclusive tech digital community having an interactive audience .


Employer of Choice

Use our platform to find potential candidates and talent for your organization while forwarding your company’s vision.We can also help you in scouting best talent available within our community


Launching a product or service

Are you launching a new dev product for techies around the world .We are happy to partner and give resourceful service available to our best extent.


Sponsors and Partnership

Hear from our Partners

  • Lahore,Pakistan
  • +92 334 491 0553
  • info@mlsalahore.com